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Feb 19, 2022 D'vorah Graeser

Computer Vision Company Report


The computer vision industry covers many different areas, from self-driving cars to autonomous robots to analyzing images for many purposes. It supports many fields, including education, retail, healthcare, and logistics.

Despite the numerous applications, Forbes magazine has indicated that companies have been slow to adopt computer vision technology and apply it to their internal processes, use it to create new products, or both. This stems from two key reasons: lack of understanding of how computer vision can help companies and the lack of the ability to integrate it.

We believe that academic research institutions can help solve both of these problems, by creating research projects that show proof of concept for new computer vision innovations, and then helping companies integrate such research into their own processes and products.

AdobeStock_254346828Additionally, companies that are focused on computer vision, or that already incorporate computer vision technology into their products, operate in a huge variety of areas. Therefore, there are multiple potential industrial and product areas with potential company partners. 

As the importance of this technology has become clear, it is necessary to identify these opportunities for partnerships. Our report on the top 10 companies and institutions covers a wide variety of areas, from patents to partners, and from commercial to financial activity. We have also included a section on ESG (environment, social and governance) activities for each company, where that information is available. As there are currently no widely accepted standards for ESG, we have chosen to note these activities as self-reported by each company. We have included a preview of one of these reports below.



Ambarella, Inc. 

3101 Jay Street

Santa Clara

CA 95054

United States


Commercial Activity

Ambarella develops system-on-a-chip designs for video processing and analytics, including image processing and deep learning applications. It is one of the companies involved in creating edge computer vision solutions, in which processing is done locally (at the “edge”) rather than centrally. Its products can be incorporated into robotics and industrial applications, security solutions, automotive cameras and more.

Patenting Activity

Ambarella has 299 published patents/applications, of which 269 are US filings. About half have been published since 2018. Most are granted patents. Although the number of publications increased up to 2020, there was a fall of about 50% in 2021. 


We were able to locate at least 6 announcements of partnerships between Ambarella and another company in the past 2 years, particularly for transportation applications. Ambarella has made two acquisitions. Its latest acquisition, in 2021, was related to software for computer vision for autonomous driving. Ambarella also has a number of co-owned patents/applications with National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan). 

Financial Analysis

Ambarella has been a publicly traded company since 2012. Its stock price hit a peak at the end of 2021 but since then has dipped. It has had a negative EBIT at least since 2019. Of the 10 analysts covering the stock, 4 recommend it as a “strong buy” or “buy” and 6 as “hold”. 


Ambarella has a section of its website on corporate governance, and a specific statement on corporate social responsibility, which includes a description of its efforts to protect the environment, promote sustainability, and support non-discrimination. 


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Published by D'vorah Graeser February 19, 2022