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Mar 21, 2023 D'vorah Graeser

What is the true cost of your tech transfer process? (hint: it’s not about $$)

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Do you ever think about how expensive time is? Time is the ultimate resource, but it’s also a potential roadblock to your tech transfer success. 

Time spent on analyzing the commercial potential of a professor’s innovation can lead to a failure to commercialize - because the professor publishes a paper before you can file a patent application.

Alternatively, you could rush to file a patent application before the paper publishes - only to realize that the most important industrial applications weren’t covered, and now your potential licensees aren’t interested. Or aren’t willing to pay as much.

And what about finding those partners to license your IP? The longer you take to even find a good potential partner, the closer you are to a drop dead deadline, like the PCT national phase deadline. Plus your professor is now getting irritated, because you took so long to do the research that now they aren’t interested.

Sometimes the time spent on tech transfer by professors is thought of as a problem - but what about the time they spend writing grant applications and helping their students make employment connections? Tech transfer can reduce the amount of time they spend on both activities - but only if a deal can be struck quickly.

What about your time?
Now we come to the root cause of the roadblock. All of the above problems with time ultimately boil down to one single problem.

Your time. Or rather, why you don’t have enough of it.

We believe that the problem isn’t you or your time - it’s what you’re spending time on. Too much time on keyword searches - in marketplaces, on databases, online. Too much time spent reading up on a technical area. Too much time spent searching for partners.

Which leads you with too little time to actually close licensing deals.

Ask yourself - why do you want to keep searching by hand? Try our ROI calculator, and you’ll see just how much time you are spending per project just on searches alone. The results will amaze you!


The right tools will save you time and ultimately money. They enable you to close deals quickly and to satisfy all of your stakeholders. And when you do decide to spend money - the right tools will direct that money to the most effective outcome.

But which tools are the right tools? The right tools should be intuitive and easy to use, and give you an answer quickly. If your tool requires you to spend hours finding the right answer - it’s a very expensive tool (even if it’s “free”). is the right tool to help you rocket your IP into a licensing deal. It checks all of the boxes:

Intuitive and easy use - just copy/paste the abstract from your invention disclosure, paper or patent application. And watch the magic happen!

Gives you an answer quickly - our AI analyzes your idea and within seconds, delivers a recommended industry and partner.

And yes, isn’t expensive. Our Deal Accelerator subscription price starts at just $100 per month - less if you subscribe annually. And it includes advanced industry insights, partner matching and a pitch for each project. Plus a bonus - we’ll suggest an additional industry through our concierge service, which you can use to cast your partner net wider, and strengthen your IP.

Get More Rocket Fuel
If you need more hands-on help, our services will give you even more rocket fuel to close that deal quickly.

You can get it all done for you. We'll complete the entire process for you:

  • Reviewing your project for one or more suitable industries
  • Review your patent protection and suggest upgrades
  • Suggest at least three suitable companies with contact information
  • Optionally contact those companies for you


We can also do it for you internationally (everything in the above package, across multiple countries). 

And if you have IP with a published patent/application that hasn’t still been licensed, you can get into a licensing deal, with our “get that IP off the shelf” service. It includes

  • reviewing a patent/application that has been published
  • suggesting 1-3 invention extensions
  • providing industry and company information for the original industry and the extensions (at least 3 contacts per industry)

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Published by D'vorah Graeser March 21, 2023