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Aug 25, 2022 D'vorah Graeser

Using Data to Drive Cooperative Commercialization

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Cooperative commercialization brings an innovation to market with a partner - whether that’s a company or an investor (or both). Recent economic uncertainty has been particularly bad for this type of commercialization.

If you are trying to commercialize your innovation with a partner, economic uncertainty is doubly punishing. Trying to license your idea to a commercial partner is much more difficult when that company isn’t certain where to put its money. Should it hold off on investing in new technology? Or should it try to take advantage of market upheaval to launch a new product?

Other commercial partnerships also suffer under uncertainty. Joint ventures require two companies to be aligned on innovation and new product development. And we’ve all heard about the reduction in VC (venture capital) funding for startups.

Increasing international economic uncertainty is all over the news. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on cooperative commercialization.


Get ahead of the latest trends - with data

You can use data to get ahead of the latest business and financial trends - and discover new ways to find the best partner for commercialization of your innovation.

To help you understand these trends faster and more easily, we’re working on a series of quick view data dashboards. These dashboards focus on one trend that affects cooperative commercialization. In just a few minutes interacting with the dashboard, you’ll get the actionable information that you need to get ahead of the trend.

In later blog posts, I’ll detail the data that we’re using - and how our AI is able to analyze it to support these dashboards. For now, I’ll just say that we’re using financial data, news, patent information and companies’ own publications to analyze these trends.

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I’ve given a simple example below. This dashboard shows the rise of China - and specifically, how Chinese companies are rapidly increasing their rate of US patent filings.


If the dashboard doesn’t load quickly, you can also click to view it directly.

What makes this trend particularly striking? The rate of US patent filings by US companies has slowed dramatically. This is another example of geopolitical rivalry playing out in the commercial arena.

I’d love to know which trends you are most interested in. How can we help you get the information that you need for successful cooperative commercialization? Reach out and let us know!

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Published by D'vorah Graeser August 25, 2022