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Dec 06, 2021 D'vorah Graeser

Better Together - The Power of University/Company Collaboration

Tech transfer has never before faced so many challenges. 

Like you, associates in tech transfer offices everywhere are faced with tough choices now that everything is restarting after the pandemic.

Recent studies have shown that Universities are facing revenue challenges, a reduced ability to make corporate connections, and increased demands by corporate clients who want to move in new directions with new technologies and new products.

Like everyone else, you need to navigate the challenges of this changing environment to be successful in business, which for you means closing many great new licensing deals. 


Is Collaboration the Answer? 

We did a deep dive into the data and found that industries that had a high level of University/Company collaboration also had accelerated success — even during the pandemic.

For example, CRISPR, a new industry, has both high levels of University/Company collaboration and increasing industrial value. By contrast, the US solar industry is struggling and is not taking advantage of such collaborations. Hand with marker writing the word Its All About Relationships

Our study shows collaboration can greatly benefit different industries and could even help those that are now struggling in the US and internationally. 

But, even within industries that feature collaboration, not all stakeholders are collaborating equally. Some companies are more open to collaboration than others, as are some Universities.

Finding those best partners can boost the speed of innovation.

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What about Valuation?

Valuing early stage research is notoriously difficult. It is a significant source of conflict between universities and their corporate partners. Universities that want to spin-out a startup run into the same issue, as investors are likely to have a different perspective on the value of the university's contribution.

While ultimately value is in the eye of the partner, focusing on industries that tend to value collaboration can help universities reach an agreement with a potential partner. Companies in industries that don't value collaboration are much less likely to appreciate the university as a partner.

Teamwork and collaboration amongst students with a laughing group of diverse young men and women standing close together forming a stack with their hands

Deeper Dive

Check out our full report for a deeper dive to see for yourself how collaboration is one potential key to your success in this “new normal.” 

Think about how you can leverage collaboration to create long-lasting relationships with the best industry partners. You need the right data at the right time to help you create these long-lasting relationships. 

Data that can help you to:

  • Find the best corporate partners
  • Understand the environment in their industry
  • Prioritize ideas for success

When data helps you reach the right decisions and goals, it becomes valuable, supportive information. 

You can find all of the data you need to navigate the challenges of this changing environment with KISSPlatform. From finding the right partners to identifying the right industry trends, to pinpointing who is open to collaboration in each industry and everything in between.

We only have one goal: getting you the right data quickly and efficiently to support you for tech transfer! 

Download our full report here!

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Published by D'vorah Graeser December 6, 2021