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Feb 09, 2022 D'vorah Graeser

Solar Hardware Company Report


As solar energy becomes a significant force in the energy markets, it is no surprise that many companies have stepped up to participate in this industry. Along with software and AI development, there are substantial opportunities for companies to research and develop advancements in the actual hardware of the systems to drive efficiency and value. 

Solar hardware includes many components, and efficient solar panel operation requires even more than excellent photovoltaic cells. It also requires technology such as maximum power point tracking (MPPT), which is a high-frequency DC (direct current) to DC converter. MPPT technology takes DC from the solar panel, converts it into high frequency AC, and then back to DC for the receiving battery. Such devices are now sufficiently inexpensive for even smaller solar installations. 

 It therefore becomes important from a tech transfer standpoint to identify which companies are set to propel solar to the next level through these hardware advancements.

AdobeStock_370467307Defining a company as a top potential partner for tech transfer is, to at least some extent, subjective.  We have selected companies that offer a variety of different tech transfer opportunities. Each of the following companies represents a potential partnership opportunity in this area. Each potential partner is described in regard to its current commercial activities in this area, its patenting activity, the extent to which it is willing to co-own patents and its financial stability. 

We review ten of the best companies for in-licensing research related to solar management software. We consider a variety of companies, from startups to well established corporations, with many different technological needs and product development strategies. We will preview one of these reports below.


Enphase Energy

47281 Bayside Pkwy.

Fremont, CA 94538

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Commercial Activity

Enphase provides microinverters and batteries for solar panel installations, with a particular focus on residential customers. It emphasizes its integrated solar panel system, although it does not manufacture its own solar panels. Instead, Enphase’s products are designed to be compatible with all major solar panel manufacturers. One upside is that innovative software in-licensed by Enphase would not be limited to a particular brand of solar panel. 

Patenting Activity

Enphase has a large portfolio of 622 total patents and applications, of which 349 are US filings. These filings include many patents and applications that are related to battery and photovoltaic hardware, and related or supportive devices. The relevant patents and applications are relatively recent and the portfolio is relatively new. We note that 2021 has already included a larger number of US patent/application publications than in 2020 or 2019, which may indicate accelerated innovation. 


We only found one US patent that was co-owned with Enphase. However, Enphase has made four acquisitions, of which three occurred in 2021, indicating a strong and recent interest in acquisitions of new technologies. At least one acquisition was related to microinverter hardware. 

Financial Analysis

Enphase is a publicly traded company. It is currently strongly rated as “buy” or “outperform” by analysts. It has been profitable since 2019.  There are no indications of current financial stress or cash flow problems.


Enphase describes its ESG activities as including environmental support with a focus on sustainability, and supporting the health, safety. and wellbeing of its own employees. Global social development is emphasized and includes ensuring ethical practices along its supply chain including governance. Enphase also supports the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and breaks out how its activities support these goals in its 2020 ESG report.

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Published by D'vorah Graeser February 9, 2022