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Dec 14, 2021 Janice Cabahug

Perfect Pitch

What is a pitch deck?

Manager presenting budget to marketing people


A pitch deck is a set of slides that provides investors with a quick overview of your business. More importantly, it is a sales tool that can attract investors’ interest in your company. The mission of this pitch deck is to clearly show the prospective investors what your company is all about – and get the conversation going. It needs to be short, concise and clear – but also exciting for the investor.

A good pitch deck will not only sell your company to an investor, but will also help you connect with the right investor for your company.

We’ll address differences between a pitch deck for a pure licensing deal, as opposed to a university based startup. 

3D men throwing and hitting baseball ball isolated over a white background


Interested in learning how to pitch a home run? 




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Published by Janice Cabahug December 14, 2021