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Jun 28, 2022 D'vorah Graeser

Our Favorite Tools for Finding the Best Commercialization Partner


It seems that data is everywhere, with new sources available every day. “Data is the new oil” (attributed to British mathematician Clive Humby, link 1 below) is the rallying cry for everyone trying to find answers. The problem with data though is that it doesn’t give any real answers. For that, you need excellent tools.

Innovation commercialization is no different. There are many different data sources on companies all over the world - but data alone won’t get you far. You need tools that capture and process this data, to deliver insights. Fortunately there are a number of great tools available - and some of them are free!

And while we make our own excellent commercialization tool, KISSPlatform, we’ll start off with free tools from other companies. Want more personal advice on commercialization tools? Schedule a free consultation with me! Now, on to the tools!



Free tool #1: Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a database, filled with details about companies all over the world. Each company sets up its own entry, with such details as the company name, website, and description of activities. Crunchbase adds information about financials, company news, contact profiles and more. While the entries are usually complete, Crunchbase needs to rely on the company for the basic information. 

Crunchbase can be used for free, without logging in. However, the free version limits the number of company search results that are available. You can search for companies by industry, company name, location and more. Check out link #2 below for more information.


Free tool #2: OpenCorporates

OpenCorporates is a comprehensive database of companies from all over the world. It has many more companies than Crunchbase - but also less complete information. It does offer the advantage of featuring not only a single company name, but also grouping together subsidiaries, local branches of foreign companies, and other related types of companies. You can see a sample search that I did for companies located in the USA that are related to Samsung (link #3 below). 


Free tool #3: KISSPlatform

What? KISSPlatform is free? Well, we do offer a free, no-obligation trial for two months - no credit card required! For two months, you’ll get all of the benefits of KISSPlatform - including our personalized company partner report. This report analyzes one of your innovations, and then recommends at least three different companies which would be a great fit - and why. Plus you’ll get a custom dashboard so that you can explore all of our data analytics on your own - at no extra cost. Click here to get all of the commercialization benefits now!

We also offer a free industry analysis subscription. Every week, you’ll get a new data dashboard or report on a different industry. We bring the best data driven insights right to your mailbox. Find out which industries are getting richer - and which ones are failing. Learn which industries both need and want innovation.

Sign up to get our industry analysis reports - every week a new report, focused on a different industry, with tips on how to partner with companies in that industry.


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Published by D'vorah Graeser June 28, 2022